Dining Room

How to Match your Dining Furniture to your Dining Room

Whether you need new dining room furniture because you're redecorating or filling a new house, there are a few important things you'll need to remember. Your dining room is a place of conversation, entertainment and contentment. This means you'll want to coordinate colors and style, and most importantly, make sure that your dining room furniture matches your dining room. Keep reading for helpful tips and hints on how to match your dining room furniture to your dining room.

Matching Dining Room Furniture:

Measure your dining room for size. Finding dining furniture that complements your dining room depends on the available space. You'll want to make sure your dining furniture isn't too big or too small. A comfortable night of dining means enough leg room and elbow room. A large dining table is a wonderful luxury, but if it's sitting in a small room, it will overwhelm the space; likewise, a too-small table will look out of place in a large dining room. Measure your dining room, write down the measurements and keep them close by while you're shopping for new dining room furniture.

Match colors. One way to smoothly implement your new dining room furniture is to consider the colors already present in your dining room. Look at other pieces of furniture, like buffets or china cabinets. If you already own a china cabinet or buffet, try to match your new dining table to them. If your china hutch is a dark espresso, you'll want to avoid purchasing a warm cherry wood dining set. Match your furniture as closely as possible in order to achieve the most seamless look.

Emphasize accent colors. While you want to match your dining room furniture to your dining room, you'll also need to make sure you don't overpower your dining room with too much of one color. If all your furniture is the same dark espresso color, consider adding cushions in an accent color to your dining chairs to help break up the monotonous color. You could also cover your dining chairs with slipcovers to give a nice contrast to the rest of your dining room.

Match your dining room's style. If you want your dining set to match your dining room, one important step is to consider what style your dining room is already. A sleek and streamlined dining room won't appreciate the addition of ornately carved chairs and overstuffed cushions. Modern dining furniture should be minimalistic and simple; avoid using flowery or opulent prints. For modern dining spaces, stick with solid colors and plain, sleek furniture, and you'll have a perfectly decorated modern dining room. On the other hand, a traditionally or classically themed dining room would look wonderful with decorative and ornamental furniture. If your dining room doesn't have a particular style, take your cue from wall colors, art and other furniture in your home.